Buzz Box

Enclosure 1

The first CAD for my initial Raspberry Pi enclosure design.

This early concept builds upon existing enclosure designs, featuring doors that pivot down from the longer edges at the bottom of the box shape to form feet, elevating the board and allowing easier access to ports for soldering and testing.

A slot has also been cut from the edge of one of the doors, allowing easy collection of wires after soldering, instead of having to thread them through a lid before soldering. The idea is to give users access to work on and test the circuitry of the board and attachments and to enable easy closure when completed.

To provide a more realistic concept and and easier modelling experience, I was able to animate the hinges on Autodesk Fusion 360, allowing the doors to be ‘click-and-dragged’ open.

Some sort of latch mechanism will be needed, not only for when the case is fully closed, but also fully open (i.e. when the doors form feet) to ensure that the doors lock into position. Secondly, amongst other changes, the slot at the top of the doors could be shifted so that it is positioned more directly above the soldering terminals. Overall, The design will change as the concept is developed and refined.

In addition to this, other design ideas may emerge, from analysing existing designs or learning from the flaws of this design, that tackle the issue of accessibility and ease of use in different, potentially better ways.

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