Buzz Box

Enclosure 2

Here is another Raspberry Pi Enclosure idea I’ve created a quick CAD model for, that tackles the issue of accessibility and ease of use in a slightly different way.

Instead of swivelling doors, the hinge for which would be slightly more difficult to manufacture and perhaps easier to break, the casing slides on/off, revealing the board…

The end of the housing (labelled ‘A’ below) will provide a location for the casing to interface with, clipping/snapping into place as a fastening, after the slot (labelled ‘B’) has been used to collect any wires coming directly off of the board. This should be a much simpler, easier to use, more robust solution than the previous design (Enclosure 1a).

One issue with this design is the fact that it exists as two separate parts, meaning that there is more of a risk of losing one. This should be considered when developing the concept.

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