Buzz Box

Enclosure Development

Upon choosing to develop an enclosure with a sliding hatch/cap, as a simpler, perhaps more robust way of protecting the Raspberry Pi, I decided to develop the concept through sketching.

However, after briefly beginning to explore the latch/clip mechanism, aswell as the design aesthetic, I realised that the shape of the hatch/cap would fundamentally effect the design and the way the enclosure is interacted with by the user.

As annotated in the sketch, each of the different cap designs have various advantages/disadvantages.

The top left cap: would completely encapsulate one end of the board housing (covering 5 sides). A disadvantage of this might be the requirement for extra grip on the uncovered end of the housing, making the enclosure more bulky.

The bottom left cap: would be open ended (covering 4 sides). therefore, the housing could be pushed through the cap from the opposite side, reducing the need for material to grip onto, making it easier to use and potentially slightly smaller.

The bottom right cap: would only cover three side of the housing. This means that grooves would need to be cut into the sides of the housing to restrict the cap to a linear sliding motion. However, the fact that more of the enclosure would be uncovered allows for far more design freedom, ease of use.

The top right cap: would cover the top, sides and end of the housing. it would exist as a balanced hybrid of the top left and bottom right cap designs, restricting grip, but allowing features and functionality (e.g. feet) to be added to the bottom of the housing itself.

I think the wide variety of possible design directions may make it difficult to decide on which is best, introducing the need for lots of experimentation.

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