Buzz Box

Enclosure 4

Here is the next iteration of the Pi Enclosure that I CADded to be 3D printed for testing this week. The design has been updated with a cleaner aesthetic, including lots of filleted rectangles, that I have attempted to keep consistent within the entire design.

The design features grip tabs at the end of the base component, behind which, the cap clips into place and the wire slot has been shifted to the centre to provide symmetry. The wire slot also plays a role in the fastening of the casing, allowing the shape to flex, allowing the tabs to clip into place.

(Apart from port holes) I have attempted reduce the need for support material by using 45 degree chamfers, but having the tabs on the sides rather than on top (as in the previous iteration) also helps with this.

Efforts to improve usability and simplify the design include moving the location of the slots, allowing them to be larger, aswell as tapering the end of the slot to make it easier to insert the rails on the inside of the cap. The flatter edge will make post-processing much easier as more surface area is provided to rub sand paper against.

P.S. Whilst writing the blog is definitely helping me to keep my project up to date and therefore manage my time, my design projects in the past would usually be guided by my tutors or by my coursemates. Lockdown is helping me to become more comfortable with prolonged individual study.

More blog updates, detailing design development will be coming soon.

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