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Enclosure 4 Model: A Big Improvement!

Here is new iteration of my Raspberry Pi enclosure design. Not only does it feel higher quality and more robust, but it works almost too well!

Firstly, the prototype was printed in rPETg, with support material also printed mostly in rPETg, but with PVA interfacing, making removal as simple as snapping the supports off, with minimal effort. The new shape of the parts (featuring as many flat surfaces and straight edges as possible) also made it far easier to remove adhesion material, and to sand down any sharp edges or rough surfaces. This made for a generally neater and more refined prototype.

The clip mechanism works extremely well…

In fact, the clip mechanism is so tough and grippy, that the cap is actually rather difficult to remove. This can be fixed by adjusting the tolerances between the connecting parts and providing softer edges on the indent for the cap to grip onto. I also thought that punching holes through either side of the opposite ends of both the base and cap components, and tying small loops of string/cable through them might make pulling the two apart much easier, as the fingers would have something to hook onto.

The new location slots also work much better…

This large chamfer, producing a tapered shape, guides the rail into the slot, enabling easy assembly of the two components, without having to place them on a surface in order to line them up. The 0.1mm tolerance provides a small amount of resistance when pushing the cap onto the base, adding a feeling of quality to the experience.

Overall, I am much happier with this prototype as it feels and performs far better than the last. However, I would still like to continue developing the new hexagonal-prism-shaped enclosure, as it aligns well with themes related to the project itself and could perform in a much simpler, more robust way.

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