Buzz Box

Enclosure 5: Bzzzzz

Here is my CAD for the next (5th) iteration of the Raspberry Pi enclosure featuring the new hexagonal profile, aswell as several adjustments and the addition of attachment slots.

The most obvious advantages of this shape includes inherent structural rigidity aswell as allowing the cap to hook naturally around the base component. However, as mentioned previously, the hexagonal shape also links to the Manchester bee, aswell as the idea of modularity amongst other themes.

Other changes include the following adjustments…

1. The edges of the clip cavity have been softened, and the tolerance has been increased to 0.2mm to provide easier assembly/disassembly of the two primary components.

2. The wire slot has been extended to provide better flex at the rear end of the cap

3. A 1mm slot has been cut into the rear of the cap to enable the shape to flex, as otherwise, the shape might be too rigid, disabling the clip mechanism.

4. Slots, used for both ventilation and attachments, have been added. To make it more suitable for Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF), the ends of these slots have been chamfered to remove the need for support material.

The files for this iteration have been sent off to be 3D printed so I hope to receive and review the prototype tomorrow for my next post.

As the project nears it’s end, I also plan on producing a set of final renders, to support any images of the final model itself, in effectively illustrating and communicating the design and it’s use.

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