Buzz Box

Enclosure 5 Model : Getting Closer

Today I collected my new prototype from PrintCity. This iteration was also very useful for finding issues with the design, but also highlighting improvements that were made.

Issue 1. The lack of location slots allows the cap to move more freely, meaning that it doesnt quite fit together as well as a the previous iteration.

Issue 2. Adjustments made to allow the cap to flex and clip over the base component, have loosened the mechanism too much, resulting in a less secure fastening. This can be easily fixed by simply reversing a few of the changes.

However, the softer edges on the connecting surfaces work well to allow the two parts to be more easily separated, and the hexagonal cap hooks the underside of the base component effectively, aswell as simply being a more interesting shape.

The next iteration will include improvements to make the fastening mechanism more secure and provide a better fit, and will hopefully be the final prototype.

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