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Enclosure 5b Set Up

Today, I submitted the next (and hopefully final) iteration of my Raspberry Pi enclosure to PrintCity to be fabricated. Overall, it is the same design as the previous iteration, with a few minor adjustments.

Firstly, I have expanded the port access slots, allowing measured plug housings to fit through the casing and reach the port itself.

Secondly, I have removed any features designed to make the clip mechanism looser and more malleable, in an effort to provide a more secure fit between the base and the cap.

I have also reduced the tolerance between meeting surfaces of the two components and designed locating extrusions into the inside surfaces of the cap. These will fit into the slots in the base component (that allow users to bolt other components to the outside of the enclosure), to remove the need to cut additional location slots, used to limit the movement of the cap to a linear sliding motion whilst assembling the enclosure (just like in previous designs).

In Ultimaker Cura, I was able to prevent support material from printing inside the threaded holes (used to bolt down the Raspberry Pi), which is usually extremely difficult, if not impossible, to remove from the part.

I was also able to generate tree support structures, which are far more able to access overhangs in awkward locations on the model, such as the location extrusions mentioned earlier.

Having sent the files over to PrintCity earlier today, It should be finished at some point tomorrow, allowing me to then post-process and test the latest iteration of the enclosure. If this prototype is successful (or once a successful prototype has been manufactured), I will begin producing final renders to annotate which I will then use to communicate design features within the final product. I also intend on recapping/summarising the design process, before adding the project to my portfolio.

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