Buzz Box

Enclosure 5b

The latest iteration of the ‘Buzz Box’ Raspberry Pi enclosure. This rough model tests the performance of the reduced tolerances between the two components, as well as how the locating extrusions on the cap fit with the slots in base component of the enclosure.

Unfortunately, the way this one printed prevented the locating extrusions from fitting inside of the slots, since the tolerances were too low. After extensive post processing, involving the use of a Dremel and a scalpel, the extrusions work well to limit the movement of the cap to a linear sliding motion whilst assembling the enclosure. However, the large amount of friction makes this difficult and prevents full closure.

Since the previous iteration (yellow) was too loose, and the latest (white) was too tight, I decided to try to mixing the two, assembling the base of the former with the cap of the latter.

This works surprisingly well, sliding and clipping on perfectly. However, once again, the cap is difficult to remove. Therefore, I have decided to combine the design of the caps of the two iterations, to produce two more to print and test.

Whilst I have adjusted the tolerance between the locating extrusion (on the cap) and the slot (in the base), as well as maintaining the overall tolerance between the two components, one of the next cap prototypes will feature an extended wire slot, providing extra flexibility, and the other will also feature the slot cut adjacent to the back wall of the component (see Enclosure 5) in addition to this. One of these should allow the right amount of flexibility, without sacrificing the smoothness of the assembly, or the security of the fastening.

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