Buzz Box

Buzz Box: The Final Prototype

I have arrived at my final prototype, that is fully functional, and have taken some photos to feature in my portfolio entry. Whilst this particular one was printed on my own machine, a second, identical prototype (but yellow) has been printed on an Ultimaker at PrintCity for assessment submission.

For those curious about the name I have given my product, ‘Buzz’ refers to the three elements of the design. Buzz is an adjective commonly used not only to describe the sound that a bee makes, but it is also associated with electricity, and the idea of populous conversation and collaboration between ( in this particular case, between school students that this product is aimed at). I also thought that the short, sharp alliteration made a playfull and succinct name for the small, simple object.

She has been 3D printed in orange (to resemble the colour of honey) rPLA, but production models would be fabricated in rPET, due to this being a far more recycled/recyclable material, and is also somewhat stronger. However, no material has been specifically assigned to the design itself, as the wide spread use of FFF technology, means that students, or other user groups, could print it themselves in a different colour/material.

She fastens together securely, but can be disassembled with ease, due to the integrated clip design.

The larger slots, at the sides of the enclosure, allow easy access to ports whilst assembled.

She is the result of at least 5 primary iterations, all designed with incremental improvements, but overall, I have produced others that exist as trial and error models, and fit in-between these iterations.

These, along with a few additional images, will be further edited/annotated, and placed with my renders (and possibly some sketches) of the concept in my portfolio entry for the project, adding to my existing list of design projects that may be shown to potential employers in the future.

Tomorrow I will be submitting this project, and begin working on my next one, for which I will also be making blog posts (under another heading), so stay tuned!

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