Generative Design 1

Here is my first attempt at using Generative Design to produce the shape of the filament spool holder.

The yellow area represents the basic starting shape I modelled in Fusion 360 to give the software an aim to design from, before adding the same constraint and load as the previous model I produced using Topology optimisation.

As you can see below, the generative design tool produced an interesting wish bone shape that curves towards the surfaces of the two preserved components. However, this design is based on using aluminium, meaning that the generatively designed steel part may be even finer due to it’s superior strength.

The benefit of Generative Design is that it grows or ‘generates’ material using a reference design, rather than removing material within the boundaries of the original shape, as in Topology Optimisation, meaning that more organic and potentially more efficient shapes are possible.

My next step will be to add and experiment with the extra loads identified in my previous blog post to see the differences, before starting to run static stress simulations on each of the produced outcomes of the Generative Design and Topology Optimisation experiments.

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