Generative Design Freedom

For the latest step in my exploration of generatively designing a filament spool holder, I decided to see what would happen if I removed the ‘starting shape’ from the model.

Below, you can see that, for the previous iteration, I used a starting shape which produced a fairly simple, slim arm to suspend the applied loads…

This enabled me to have some control over the form of the generated outcome. However, as you can see below, removing this starting shape (yellow) and letting the program do it’s own thing produced a very different result.

Not only does it have more grip over both preserved geometries (green), but it also seems to have generated more support underneath the cylinder where the spool will sit.

This is what was produced when the program was given a load on top and along the cylinder simultaneously, next I will be testing what happens when these two loads are applied independently to the part. I will also be printing both this, and the previous spool holder arms to test the fit of the assembly and if it slots properly into the printer itself, aswell as how well the branches of the arm will print out using FFF, since this will be the fundamental process behind manufacturing the final design in steel.

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