Prototypes 3 & 4

Over the past couple of weeks, I have managed to develop the spool holder arm further, before eventually arriving at a final design (which will be featured in my next post). Here are some of the developments that have been made prior to this.

The first change I made to the previous designs was to dematerialise the parts on either end of the arm. To maintain form and to add industrial aesthetic, large chunks were cut from these parts (used to attach the pin which the filament spools will sit on) resulting in fin/web like features.

Since the final arm will be made out of steel, which would scratch up the body of the printer when slotted on, I designed a bracket to interface between the two. This would also allow the bracket to be replaced with a different one, should I, or the user, want to mount it to a different machine. This slots onto the arm using a sort of dove-tail joint…

… However, separating this part from the main arm body requires some sort of fastening. Therefore, I decided to use bolts to secure the two together, cutting threads into the square part at the other end of the arm, aswell as dematerialising it.

I then decided to remove the threads from the arm component itself, since, if they don’t work in the metal print, I would be unable to fasten the bracket at all. I removed this material and simply cut two holes into the part to allow bolts to be push through and secured with nuts. This also allowed the part to be further dematerialised.

Further major developments were made before arriving at the final design, which will be detailed in further posts.

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