Prototype 5

The penultimate prototype features a collection of small adjustments, taking a few steps closer to the final product, which will be printable in on the Markforged Metal X, before being post-processed into the functioning part.

Firstly, as shown in the image above, the arm has been shortened as much as possible, to allow it to fit inside the sinter oven used to post-process metal prints after printing, whilst still enabling it to suspend the filament spool away from the printer.

This has also been made possible by separating the bracket at the top of the arm (which connects it to the pin on which the filament spool will sit) and enabling it to be bolted on instead of designing it as a part of the arm itself. This is shown in the the images below.

Finally, extrusions have been made around the holes through which the bolts are fed through, to hold nuts in place, allowing easier assembly.

The next adjustments made will result in the final design, ensuring that everything fits together nicely and optimising the design in general.

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